Just... um... looking. :-|

Age 45
Gender Male
Location QLD - Brisbane
Height 5'7" (170 cm)
Body build Average
Hair colour Not specified
Eye colour Hazel
Ethnicity White/Caucasian
Relationship status Single
Sexual preference Straight
Has children? No
Wants children? Yes
Personality Not specified
Smoking Non-smoker
Drinking Non-drinker
Diet No special diet
Education College qualification
Career/job Retail/Consumer Products
Religion Christian
Politics No political interests
Starsign Not specified
Profile created Over 12 months ago
Last updated Over 12 months ago
Last online 9 months ago

About me

I've written a whole essay on myself (sounds terribly conceited, doesn't it?), which does not fit in here. :-/ So I've tried breaking it up a bit, compounding it, etc...
Possibly Potential Problems:
I live with my parents.
I have always lived with my parents.
I don't drive.
Okay, that's probably got rid of half the readers. Let's continue...
I am a non-trendy dresser who has pretty much always been ridiculed for being a daggy, boring, "always wears the same thing", whatever, person. Clothes don't maketh the man or the woman.
I am a very conservative Christian who is not keen on pentecostalism/charasmatics, etc. In fact, at the moment, I'm a bit disallusioned about church

Things I like

I like horror films.
I used to sell CDs on ebay when I started coming to this site but, in 2008, I went back into the profession I had done for years, Outside School Hours Care. and I'm still there now.
I own a labrador, Max, who is "my family", you could say.
Any type of music, but particularly rock/pop, and also, nowadays, I have a passion for power metal, and collect it as a hobby.
Oh, and I listen to it.
Doctor Who. :-D And reference books about movies, etc. And Christian books (usually on controversial topics) from time to time.
I can enjoy any type of films, but I particularly like horrors, and also old films; in particular, I'm fascinated by silent cinema.
I love food. A lot. (Chocolate!!) But it should be remembered Sizzler is about as classy as I get.
I'm not terribly fit, although, being a non-driver, I do walk quite a bit, particularly when taking Max to the dog park. I used to play indoor and outdoor cricket.

What I'm looking for

Between 25 and 43
Looking for:
Online chat
Can live anywhere - preferably nearby
Gee, it's tough. :-/ As far as I'm concerned, "you know when you know". Either people click, or they don't. And I don't know that I'm particularly "looking for" anyone anyway. What am I doing?? *sob*
One things that needs mentioning is I cannot stand tattoos or piercings (ears are alright). It is a very serious phobia, and it is something that has sent me into a genuine panic, with shaking and loss of breath. I hate even talking about it now. Just to mention it can be enough to upset me.
I have to point it out because it has become a huge issue in recent years with what revolting stuff people do to their bodies nowadays.
And yet, no matter how I explain this, everyone seems to treat it as a joke, which it is not. :\

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