About me

Totally crazy, love all things natural, enjoy peace and quiet, live in the bush among nature, and love the serenity afforded by the privacy.
Have worked in sales and advertising, TV, run own business, run Motor Dealerships, worked as D & A counsellor, worked and studied in the field of natural healing, self-help etc....
Live alone.

I have recently started improving health wise, this makes me very happy indeed, would love to find a person who would like to drop over for coffee and chats, I do find myself feeling extremely lonely and miss the companionship of a good woman, especially one who loves to joke & play the fool as I love too, and will discuss anything at all. I make a great coffee, this place has no instant coffee only the real stuff. :)
I have a distinct dislike of emailing and typing, hence my use of Skype for chatting, as it enables me to know who I am chatting with and saves typing and holding a bloody phone to an ear. davrobbo finds me on skype.

I am stunned at the number of young people now using this site in order to make money scamming older people.

Things I like

My grandchildren would now be my main love, I have 3, 2 boys and a girl :)
Staying alive is another interest I have at the moment, lol, have been really ill for many years, and only recently has it really gotten to me in a big way, now housebound and so my interests have shifted...
I have recently started improving health wise, this makes me very happy indeed, so looking to travel again....
Van Morrison and all things Irish, anything from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, is good.
Elvis, Moody Blues, Mumford & Sons, Noah & The Whales.
Janis Ian, Meatloaf, Pink Floyd, JJ Cale, Johny Cash, Roy Orbison, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Mariane Faithful, the list goes on and on.
I used to devour books of all types.
Due to the drugs I am taking, have not been able to read for last 2 years now.
No happy Jan. :(
Motor racing , MotoGp, V8's, F1...
Do not mind shows like , NCIS, CSI. 800 words, Ice road truckers, Megatruckers, Cannot handle the so called reality TV, what a wank that is, wow, hard to believe people actually watch it.
Sadly I have a special diet these days, gluten, sugar and dairy free.
thank god for meals on wheels.. lol or I would not eat.
Due to health improving have started to cook a few things again..Love my bacon & eggs, with avocado and cheese & pickles....
Preferably sport that involves watching, the only sport I watch these days is V8's , F1 & MotoGP...

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Online chat
Between 50 and 70
Can live anywhere
If you are travelling around and looking for a place to stay for a little while, I have a spare room and bed and plenty of room to park a caravan or motorhome, just ask .. :)
I am around 12 klms out of a small country town, 25 minutes from the beach..

A person who is happy with themselves as they are.
Someone who is happy with themselves as they are, and know there is nothing to prove.
I am not looking for a relationship, friends first and foremost is all, someone who may like to chat via skype and have a few good laughs, or drop in for a really good coffee.


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3 Mar 2017

Hi Davrobbo. I would love to chat when I work out Skype. You sound like a very humble and interesting person and I love the pics of your grandchildren. I consider a sense of humour as necessity and sharing and caring. Dis-ease is an outer thing, it is what is on the inside that counts. I too have my pesky won't let go obstacles, 1 being severe cervical spinal stenosis, higher than most people have. Big hug from me to you.


26 Feb 2017

Hi Dave , sorry haven't been able to chat ..... Have a visitor for next 1-2 weeks but might catch you on skype


25 Feb 2017

Hi Dave , haven't heard from you are you still wanting to chat?


20 Feb 2017

Hi AGAIN Dave where is Mogendoura????
My Skype user name is:- Wubbleup


30 Jan 2017

Hello Davrobbo, I can relate to your profile. but i still do smoke. your profile is very informative and i do like what i read.. I hope that you do get stronger and better with each passing day. In friendship


23 Jan 2017

We have so many things in common avocado and egg, cheese and pickles and road trips.


18 Jan 2017

I dont know much about that Skype ??????????????/ i am from the old school talk on the net or phone if you wish i am happy to give you my land line 41488900 sure i am not looking for a relationship friends last for ever.
Love from Jan


18 Jan 2017

Dear Friend yes the City is no place for me mind you i dont mind going to see the sites but once iam been there for just one day i am braking my neck to fly back home to my bush house.
I believe Melbourne has had and Sydney a heat wave will i have got the Air con going now as the heat melts my heart.
Thank you for your reply and i trust that you are well safe and enjoying your life from Jen


25 Sep 2016

Hello you have a lovely profile like you i live in the bush.
Its so nice to open your eyes and ears to the smell the the wild flowers the birds singing its so peacefully .
The air is so natural.
Van Morrison you won me but i love all music.
There is a Avocado farm not far from me.
I just read your profile again and any lady who gets you is very lucky.
I havent been on this for quite a while now as i have been busy putting my kids book together as well as my kids picture book.
Just one afternoon i decided to venture out and just do it.
Anyway love to you from Jan

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Mogendoura, South Coast, NSW
5'9" (175 cm)
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Yes (not living at home)
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Very private
Trying to quit
No qualification
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