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i have just had an interesting session with a scammer over the last week or so waiting for the obvious request for one reason or another. money. I just remineded her/him of google images ability to identify any photographs that have been downloaded and identify source and date, an in particularly hers/his.
It was almost fun leading the lying bastard/bitch on but today I have had another contact me vai my emails (both of these) with the heading on the email that she/he was from companions!!!!!
How is this possible? I dont mind some jerk contacting me via the companion website but directly to my two private emails????
Please advise


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Lol ...its not tgem emailing you directly , its companions as er your notification settings

go to home>my settings

Scroll down to email notifications  .... There is a list of about 5 or 6 things companions will notify you of

change them to do not notify me (tge ones you dont want to receive a comoanions email for)

scroll down to save and click on that

Problem solvered .....
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