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Logged out but still shown as Online
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Dear Admin...., please take the time to read and answer, for a simple girl like me please... Lol.

Why is it that it can take up to an hour to be shown offline when you have logged out? Why doesn't this site just show you as offline the moment you log out? This is deceiving to both the profile owner and the other members... And I can not find anywhere in the privacy policy, help section, etc, where it clearly states you will still be shown as online for up to an hour after you have logged out.... Apart from that, love the site, well done with it! But I don't understand this "glitch" in the system, especially after all the other technology changes.... It doesn't take an hour to show me online, so why does it take so long to show me offline? Why isn't it instant when I log out? And will this ever be fixed please?

Also, I have recently had to block a member, though they can still see my profile... Doesn't that defeat the purpose of blocking them? If a member is blocked, why isn't both profiles then unattainable to eachother? I would think that generally when someone has had a reason to block another member, they no longer want that person having anything to do with them, and that includes stalking their profile! Lol.

I find these two issues highly annoying!!! And highly wrong!!! I have been a member of this site for a very long time, and have enjoyed it immensely on and off over the years, but these two "glitches" really do need attending to for both privacy purposes and deceptive purposes.... Again, apart from those 2 issues, love the site! And keep up the awesome work! Kind Regards, Wren.

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Good luck Wren,  getting an answer to your questions😬 All those things you have mentioned have frustrated me to some extent also but I am learning to live with it 😊 Considering it is totally free, there is a lot to like about the place though as you said 🥳
We have to be open to change and new ideas........