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26, Central West Region, NSW

...listening to music, going to gigs, photography, tattoos, making videos, gaming, trying to collect old cameras, watching cat videos, baking, arts and crafts. I like a bit of


51, Brisbane, QLD, shooting guns, camping and race cars. Taking photos and videos, fishing, clay target and shooting in general, fun in the great outdoors, all sorts of car events. Anything except cou...


27, Melbourne-East, VIC

...e. I love animals, nature, chats, laughing, movies, lame youtube videos, music (I'm a huge 70's rock and roll fan), coffee, lunch dates, dinner dates, all the usual stuff. I run my own busin...


25, Newcastle, NSW

...ut with in my spare time Electronics, cars, games, funny YouTube videos, gardening, animals, Chinese culture etc. The offspring, blink 182, some Justin Bieber ironically, metal, Japanese roc...


29, Gold Coast, QLD

...itioning to vegan/plant-based eating. Not about to spam you with videos to turn you vegan though, everyone is free to make their own choices! Pole dancing - Gym/Strength Training - Yoga - W...


31, Brisbane, QLD

... party hard person.. more a 3 cups of coffee while YouTubing cat videos person. I can be shy and cautious or loud and abnoxious. Beware: I have a weird sense of humour and I'm not here fo...


42, Newcastle, NSW

Easy going funny guy.. Sports Videos Most... Except metal Rarely Action, sci fi. Most foods I enjoy... Not super hot spicy... Swimming,walking, squash. Friends Relatioship...


35, Adelaide, SA

...enjoy watching Anime, playing video games, and watching gameplay videos. I also enjoy reading books specifically sci-fi and fantasy. playing video games, kawaii things, Japan, reading, ferre...


49, Brisbane, QLD

...and say hello...! video editing on my pc, tv themes, retro music videos, my Oscar fish, my cocketeil. I used to have a pair of love birds, I also love dogs, when I owned them, especially ch...


30, Brisbane, QLD

...o game's( not that I get to play much due to work), making short videos for fun with my friends and family. I enjoy the outdoors and like to keep active. I enjoy singing and dancing, I love ...


20, Perth, WA

...verything, I enjoy watching Disney films, marvel movies, YouTube videos I love it all Really enjoy eating in and I love potato, it's the ultimate vegetable but I do enjoy going out for Chine...


25, Sydney-West, NSW

...up. I love going on You Tube to watch makeup tutorials and music videos. I enjoy going out to cafes, shopping, beach, concerts and doing activities. One thing you should know about me is ...


31, Adelaide, SA

...ssion! I have recently started getting into creating and editing videos, and have started a speed painting youtube channel (in case you are interested - it is


27, Perth, WA

...ogether:) DIY, food, travelling, origami, watching movies, music videos, YouTube short clips.... Chills, deep house, 90's pop songs, 80's love songs, classical, piano, folklore, Enya, atmosp...


72, Perth, WA

...istory, philosophy Documentary on nature, travel, discoverymusic videos Enjoy all kinds of food that is tasty and good Walking, jogging callisthenics Friendship, companionship, travelling co...


39, Melbourne-West, VIC

...r the better Kill shoot bash kills blood and gore Romantic videos are boring as fairy tails don't happen In life A lot of food Race ya Everything bells n whistles ...


25, Canada

...aby Mama, 21 Jumpstreet, Rocky Horror Picture Show, snowboarding videos. Criminal Minds, CSI, Intervention, Beyond Scared Straight, New Girl, Say Yes to the Dress I always love trying new ...


22, Brisbane, QLD

...nd also just looking for a girl ican call mine :) I like to play videos games. I love sports. Hanging out. Watching movies. Anything really ill give it a go :) RnB hip hop reggae slow jams ...


36, Gold Coast, QLD

...g on in the world and I love watching ridiculously funny Youtube videos. I really am just looking to connect with someone who has a brain :) Not much to ask :)...


39, Central West Region, NSW

... screaming ...anything good I've downloaded... Or YouTube crazy videos.. From end of the world stuff to epic fail vids... Lol sometimes they are the same thing.... i dont eat tofu... Everyt...