About me

Hi I'm a 27 year old Mancunian. I moved here with my Girldfriend from England. We know a few people but need a much bigger social circle to make living here really work. We are fun and active people, but also can be lazy laid back people too. We love all OZ has to offer and are constantly exploring places and things we haven't been or seen. Very open to people and ideas as long as use are decent and honest people which most people out here seem to be. :)

Things I like

Hey I like English football (Man U - there actually my home team) Nrl, Broncos fan. Apart from sport love to do things, whether its finding swimming holes or going for a surf or a pedal. Also teaching myself guitar at the minute.
Love anything that's good, very open to new music wether it's bands, rap or some house. As long as it's good il give it a listen
Got to say it's a bit sad but not really red anything yet, even though I've been to uni, I like to read factual things as learning new things interests me.
Only good quality movies, don't care if it's animation, Sci-fi, thriller or comedy. I want be able to totally believe the film and really get into it.
I'm a vegi, a lot of people say I don't look like one but that's me. My missus isn't and I'm not pushy about it, it's my decision so I get on with it. Love to go out for a good social bit of food and drinks.
Very much in to sport and fitness. Always ready to try something new, I haven't been wake boarding or kite surfing yet. Love adrenalin things too, done a few bungees and a sky dive.

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Male or female
Between 21 and 33
Can live anywhere
Good mates, don't care where your from or what you look like as long as your genuine. Don't want to waist time being fake to people if we can't be ourselves in front of each other. It's probably not going to work.


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11 Oct 15

Welcome to Companions, Avronic!

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