About me

Looking for companionship and friendship. Someone that like to go to dinner and enjoys life and values family.
A person that can be with one person and just enjoy their company.
Likes movies and entertaining.
Someone that likes to travel and enjoy what this world has to offer.
Someone that likes animals for unconditional love that they give.

Things I like

Nature walks. Dinning out. Movies. Like being active. Enjoying life in what ever it bring.
70's 80's to the present. Can listen to mainly all popular music. Not really in to country though
Sorry not a reader at all.
Like all types of movies and TV. Will watch anything with someone
All types of food. Willing to try most types of cruisine.
Like walking my dogs. That keeps me fit.

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Activity partner
Travel companion
Online chat
Male or female
Between 55 and 65
Can live anywhere
Friendship & Companionship. Someone that will enjoy being with a person and that likes to live life


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16 Sep

Hi Darryl..i somehow lost the message you sent me new to all of this ..would love to chat when you get back from your holidays ...hope you have a great time ..Sharon


12 Sep

I wish you a sweet holiday and it will be my great pleasure to get acquainted with you
Hi there.like your pic.
My name is Karen .
Hi there my name is Karen ,like to know you more.
Hi there my name is Karen ,like to know you more.
Hi Mandy . Lisarow is about 1 hour North of Sydney on the Central Coast. Wollongong is a beautiful place to.
Have one week to go before I go to Canada for a month. Taking 2 adult sons with me.
Really looking forward to it.


16 Aug

Hi Darryl, curious where is Lisarow.Thought about skydiving :) can,t see myself jumping out of the plane either. Enjoy your weekend


16 Aug

Hi Darryrl hope you are well ,what type of work do you do and how do you spend your weekends


16 Aug

Hi Darryle thankyou for your message if you prefer we can talk through my email if you want. Joan.simmonds@yahoo.com.au
I see we are very much a like I am just a fraction younger than the 55 yrs . Lol
Hi there how r u , pls take a look at my profile I am well travelled an looking for a guy that I can go places , be with relaxed at home an enjoy times together . I am living in melbourne at the moment .
Hi Darryl, love your outlook on life. Being with the one person who can bring fun and happiness into your life.Pets give us a tremendous amount of love.Mine sure does.Sue 😊
Count me out of jumping out of a plane too that shan’t be happening hahahahaha let me know if you’d like to chit chat as i don’t get on this site unless i get email alert πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Regards Jennifer
Hi at present live in Lisarow. Never to old to play sport. What sport are you doing
Yeah I will try most things, except sky diving. Cannot see any reason to jump out of a perfectly good plane.
Movies etc like to.
Hi Darryl .......very similar outlook on life,love live shows, movies,still play sport even at my ripe old age lol give anything a go so to speak.Live southern end of Central Coast 😎😎
Welcome to Companions, Darryl1959!

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