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Singing rain, dusky grey clouds, stubborn sun trying hard to make his way through and a rainbow smiling in the corner…… Describes me and my best mood...

I may not be the regular guy you often come across, I am the one to embrace all the treasures, life is kind enough to offer. Positive attitude, smiling and cheerful… does not mean I don't have my sulky, temperamental or cheeky moments.

Capable of giving a fresh perspective to everything, holding a good conversation, being a trusted friend you never had, lending an ear for you to vent out all the negativity and offering my shoulder to lean on, relax and forget the worries of the world, as and when needed.

On the other hand I am taken, happily married and family guy however always up for a good friend and a nice conversation. So a few points before you decide to find a good friend in me :)
1. I am happily married with kids. Happy to not get into any restricted teritorries :)
2. I am not a spunk, very simple looking and happy in my brown skin :)
3. Happy to catch-up as good friends for drinks or coffee and laughters

P.S. - I said friends not friends with benefits or any other hidden agenda. Someone willing to chat, exchange thoughts and ideas, share smiles and frowns, laugh together and talk about life is always a blessing.

Things I like

Nature amaze me and so does the culinary secrets of the world.

Avid traveler with an irresistible impulse to travel, mindful yogi, passionate weekend cook, smooth talker, amateur painter…..
Something which can connect to a different world, which can lift a sulking mood, makes you humming the melody throughout the day.
No specific genre, more into soft listening with beautiful lyrics or catchy tunes…
Easy reads which gets you hooked from the word go… books are the best way to let you slip into a soundful sleep and a dreamy world..
Films that can move me and makes me think.. connect me with a dreamy world…let me be a part of the cinematic experience.. manage to let out a hearty laugh….
Fancy a hearty sinful meal.. Admire food prepared with love, culinary skills and passion..
A good balance of mental and physical fitness.. prefer a peaceful walk or a stress relieving yoga session to heavy workout…

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Online chat
Male or female
Between 24 and 55
Can live anywhere
On the lookout for a person, who loves to share a good conversation, occasional blabbering, regular chitchat and a few sweet nothings in between.
A cheerful soul, who will let us just be ourselves without being judged in the (virtual) company of each other.
A good talker and a good listener, who can ease you though rough dusty moments of time.
A clever investor, who believes in investing time and efforts to build a wonderful bond called friendship.

Too much to ask for? Do they exist anymore?


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28 Aug 2018

Hehe you are well versed in para phrases which can also be plagarism (spelling) Im sure I could quote novels your lines have come from. But hey! My profile says I dont mind talking crap. Your words are a little cheesey (frigg cant spell that either) heres one.. come hither come dither slide and slither, do we persist? Piquet be the bliss...


19 Feb 2018

Love a well written articulate profile 👏 I sometimes lack in articulation but am not bad at rambling on when the mood takes me!


16 Oct 2017

Great profile


6 Oct 2017

Hey. Your are from NSW. Hope u happy searching in your area. I reside in Victoria. A tad too far me thinks


27 Jul 2017

Thank you for your message however I'm looking for someone single and capable to commit for much more..good luck to you in your future
Mm m requiring to pick myself off and dust off ...maybe send some magic dusk this way than fell all better ... be grateful if you inform me of a good positive bed side read or two.
How is Sydney ... I habituated there once I liked it than ... do you have many friends
word is. So banded about that true Grit meaning can get lost ... I have had a few nice surprise so far in 2017 maybe a very good year though not winning on the heart area...
time for rest there ... though still must view positively wish I had the allure of Ingrid Bergman ah ah of to watch smart TV and possible a old flick with just that lady in .
Regards to you and your Favourite people Ava


5 Dec 2016

Hi there, hows things?


4 Dec 2016

Hi, you sound ver interesting!! Want to chat??


2 Oct 2016

Good morning.  A pleasant awakening with the soft sunlight, the calls of various birds, and the familiar sounds of a gathering of marsupials, snorting and snuffling, and asserting their positions, as they wait for the humanoid to get up and commence her daily ritual of topping up their water supply.  Have a great day.


30 Sep 2016

Not much to ask for!!....yes they exist trying to fine the 1 is hard!!


26 Sep 2016

Welcome to Companions, Double_Rainbow!

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