About me

I can be a little sarcastic and darkly humoured. I love to draw, read, think creatively, I read tarot but don't do predictions (long story), I enjoy hanging down at the beach but haven't ventured in since I last heard the Jaws song (there was a shark and everyone had to get out of the water 😮). I'm not fantastic at small talk but I give it a good go, I prefer conversations and I also enjoy non-awkward quiet time. I love storms and am terrified of cockroaches, seriously I freeze up, which leads me to, yes I am a little weird, I prefer the term quirky though. For some reason I find it hard to make good friends, I think because I am quiet at first until I feel comfortable, I'm not sure, maybe I come across as standoffish? Anyway, I have an 8 year old daughter so I'm not always free to hang out unless you don't mind hanging with us.

Things I like

I think I wrote a lot of this stuff in the about me section, oops. I love to draw, actually at times I also hate it lol. I read sometimes, anything from horror and mysteries to tarot/occult stuff. I like to explore markets, flea markets, antique and weird places. Is tea an interest? I like drinking tea.
Ok, I love 90s grunge and alternative, you know old jjj stuff. Metal. Rock. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I'll give most things a go. I'm really not keen on country.
I keep answering things in the wrong spots, don't judge lol. I like Neil Gaiman, John Connolly, Lon Milo DuQuette, Aleister Crowley and lots of others.
Horror. Movies that don't just spell it out for me, head scratchers, but not too weird - I tried watching one called The Forbidden Room, omg I had to turn it off after 10mins, too weird even for me. Martial arts movies are awesome, and 80s and 90s movies like The Goonies, True Romance, Beetlejuice, The Burbs, etc.
TV shows I like: Penny Dreadful, Stranger Things, The Strain etc
I like food. Food is good. My favouries are probably Mexican, but not too hot, and Italian. I will try almost anything.
I got curvier than what I would have liked after my divorce, not because I was upset but just fell out of my routine. So I've started a healthy eating and exercise program, it's good so far.

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Activity partner
Online chat
Male or female
Between 37 and 50
Can live anywhere
I'm looking for friends, girls or guys, with similar interests or who are a bit quirky or creative interests. Just to have chats, hang out sometimes whether at a cafe or markets or wherever.


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9 Sep 2017

Hi. I'd like to chat if your keen, check out my profile and ask me anything


19 Aug 2017

Hi, I also have a dark sense humour! Are you into any tv series at the moment?


15 Jun 2017

So awesome that you're all of those things...and more. Don't go feeling "nerdy" about writing in runes - that's a lost art and plus it's just simply awesome haha. I've started doing a lot with runes and such, so yeah I can understand the passion there.


2 Jan 2017

when i lived in darwin i was a storm chaser (lightning)  the fun is trying to keep around a storm cell not go into it lol,, sometimes i swear it was chasing me there for a while lol


2 Jan 2017

Welcome to Companions, Hellsbels!

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