About me

Hello! My name is Jamie and I am looking for friendships online because I find that I get too shy to approach people in person. The friends I had in high school have all drifted apart and we no longer share any similar interests.

I am a kind and generous person. I genuinely enjoy making people smile and making others feel good about themselves, I am a pretty positive and optimistic person and enjoy helping others. Im a great listener, and even if I may not have a solution I am the sort of person who will always make myself available to help out my friends in what ever way I can.

I love sci-fi and fantasy and would love to meet some gals who are interested in having board game nights with wine and pizza and who are interested in watching geeky movies (like star trek!). I want to also meet people who have interesting and new hobbies that I haven't tried before, (archery anyone?). Being open to try new things is very important to me, I will give most things a go at least once!

Having a friend who I can share my secrets with is something that I have not had in a long time and it would mean the world to me if I met someone who was willing to hang out and genuinely wants to get to know who I am!

Honestly, I am a super interesting person once you get past my shyness and I really look forward to making some new pals!

Things I like

sci-fi/fantasy movies and tv shows, Reading, animals, op shopping, vintage, sunday markets, talking about crap over wine and crackers, shopping, eatting out, cooking, baking (omg baking date!), music and last but not least long romantic walks on the beach :P
indie, aussie hip hop, alternative, rock, punk and local aussie music (home and hosed anyone?)
Favorite book of all time is Ergaon. Harry potter, Magicians Apprentice, game of thrones series, anything by Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey and starting to get into Robin Hobb. There is alot more but basically I love the fantasy adventure genre. I do like some romance but I need to be in the mood for it (broke up with bf recently so I'm a bit too cynical at the moment ha!).
Game of thrones, Star trek: next generation, firefly, cooking with Jamie oliver (yes this counts), also escape to the country (its actually very pretty to see all that uk scenery!), David Attenborough docos, being human, misfits, vikings, adventure time, bravest warriors, etc used to watch alot of anime, pretty open to watching some more but not completely obsessed with it or anything.
Love love love korean bbq, thai, indian (hotter the better), japanese, italian, basically I love all food, its a wonder I don't roll everywhere I go.
ew. no kidding...kinda... I have never really been into sports....unless you count board games as a sport... they can be competitive... I walk around my neighbourhood of an arvo to keep fit, otherwise I just try to eat healthy(ish), I lost alot of weight right out of high school at the gym, but yeah its not really my scene.

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Online chat
Between 20 and 30
Can live anywhere
Friends, peeps to hang out with and be myself around.


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15 Feb 16

Hi there :) I'm Kiera and I love board game nights. I also love me some scifi (especially firefly).


13 Feb 16

Hi :)


13 Feb 16

Welcome to Companions, Jamie92!

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