About me

Seeking quality over quantity...wanting genuine friendship and connection.
Animal lover, amateur cook, relaxation is a serious hobby of mine ( I enjoy massage, meditation, walking, colouring, downtime in general). Love settling down on the couch with a good book - generally non-fiction. Dancing either by myself at home or in a gym class- I'm a hazard out on the dancefloor, so dont ask me to dance with you!
Apart from the above, I also enjoy volunteering, socialising, cafe and food culture, spending time with my pet cat, Effie, named after my mum haha! I love and adore both of them dearly.
Please get in touch if you're female only and feel we may connect. Thank you.
P.S. I don't mind male company after all, Lol!

Things I like

Relaxation/downtime/meditation, walking, dancing, gym, reading, cooking, music, podcasts
RnB, pop, top 40, chillout, acoustic, alternative/indie, world/international (Greek, Arabic, Bollywood music, bellydance etc). Not really into heavy metal or country mucsic, though, sometimes I do surprise myself! My favourite artist is Missy Higgins. Also enjoy Dido, Conrad Sewell, Jess & Matt...
Mainly non-fiction: psychology, self-help, mindfulness, philosophy, cooking, health, mental health, alternative therapies, functional medicine
My favourites include: Ghost, Titanic, My Best Friends Wedding. Likes comedy, drama, documentaries, romance (preferably non predictable). Psychological thrillers and action movies.
All sorts. However, cannot tolerate very spicy/chilli foods.
I plan to re-join my local community gym and would love to meet someone who may be interested in joining me on my health and fitness adventure.

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Activity partner
Online chat
Between 18 and 99
Can live anywhere
At this stage, I am looking to widen my circle of friends (female only- sorry guys). In my experience, I have found it quite tricky and challenging to remain platonic mates with men (usually one falls for the other or there may be sexual tension). I currently have 2 close male friends and I have had feelings for both of them- oh boy!
Anyway, all women feel free to contact me for hangout and companionship.
P.S. I am now accepting male applicants lol!


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22 Jan

Hey there
Love to chat with you
Maybe have coffee when i visit Melbourne
Think Iā€™m curious to find out more about your interests. Some doozies in there


19 Oct 20

How could we do health/fitness together?


16 Oct 20

Hello, M/s Dizzy, Good thing I read to the bottom or I would have missed where you are now accepting male applicants. Wooohooo, I am one. Not fat enough even to be one and a half. I also fit nicely in your age category and I live exactly where you have stipulated. I am a single male who cooks for himself and sometimes for others who drop in. Usually on a Wednesday. This week, I cooked Apricot Chicken, with a twist, just a change of additives because one visitor does not like onion and also works in closely with the public so garlic also was substituted. When you mention, mindfulness, is that a leaning to Buddhism. I was wondering about water. Rain has been scarce and the back yard used to be full to overloaded with birds including swarms of very noisy Rainbow Lorikeets Now there are zero, I have not seen one in a couple of years, The power lines now don't have Mickey Minors or crows. Gone have the small honey suckers and even the noisy minors. No rain , no runoff into the sea, Is the sea becoming increasingly salty? Lots going on. ed.


10 Oct 20

Hello there! How are you?


31 Jan 20

Hi, Iā€™m Suzie, how are you going? šŸ˜ƒ
Would you like to talk with me?
I also enjoy bellydance (tribal) & try to make happiness a choice.
Read that you love Missy Higgins..i suggest you search for 'a minds rioting'on spotify/you tube.. They are a local artist & I felt they sound similar to Missy.
Anyways.. Hope to hear from you.


21 May 19

So sorry only just saw your message, this system never notified me of any! If you like you can email me at astamatiti@hotmail.com or text me on 0412498439 as I'll never be notified if you write me on here and I don't check often. Which area do you live? I'm in Clarinda šŸ˜Š


19 Apr 19

Welcome to Companions, Looking4ASelectFew!

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