About me

**looking to make friends local to Brisbane**
I am originally from New Zealand, though have spent more years living in Brisbane .
My circle of friends is on the smaller side after ending a relationship several years ago, I have not pursued another relationship since. I'm currently completing renovations on a 70's house in Logan. restoring houses has been a love affair of mine I also enjoy a bit of gardening in my spare time. I enjoy the markets, eating out at various venues, Mount Tamborine , vintage shops and art galleries. I enjoy watching films at the art house cinema 'Palace cinemas' and 'Dendy' . I absolutely love hitting the road for adventure, I especially love the beaches located near northern NSW, to me it's gods country. If I win Lotto I would pack my bags and move there in a heartbeat.
I have a lovely 15 year old son that stays with me part time, otherwise I live on my own with the exception of my cat Peanut. I'm hoping to forge some new friendships with other people local to Brisbane and surrounds, female and male. I'm very friendly, caring and responsible. Once I get to know someone, I tend to open up. :) :) :)

Things I like

Interior design, garden design, house renovations, art, indigenous cultures. Food , markets, eating at Sunnybank food court. I have appreciation for nice furniture and classic cars. I'm a big animal lover especially birds. I would like to travel to Vietnam and Bali. I've always wanted to go on a cruise ship, sailing around the Polynesian Islands or Greek Islands.
70, 80's 90's alternative rock , drum and bass, indie.
Very broad range of music. Fkatwiggs, lumineers, 1975, M18, Leon bridges, highasakite, broods, James Arthur. I'm always listening to music or podcasts when I work.
I don't honestly read that often , I spend a lot of time reading too much material for work.
I enjoy watching true stories, documentary, SBS movies, Joe rogan podcast . Indie film, foreign films, drama, SciFi, Thrillers, True Crime, some Horror. Not sadistic films like SAW,
I'm a big foodie, I especially love seafood , middle eastern cuisine, Japanese, Thai, Indian. I like spicy food too :) I was a vegetarian for 6 years.. now just confused lol. I think because of my turkish heritage I can't resist seafood.
I don't participate in any sports although recently joined the gym 3 times a week. Time to get into shape especially now that I work from home full time.

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Activity partner
Travel companion
Online chat
Male or female
Between 30 and 65
Must live nearby
Looking to make new meaningful friendships with other unique people and form lifelong friendships . I think it's very important to have real connections with people, not just based on intimacy alone.


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2 Feb 21

Hi How are you?


30 Jan 21

Hiya, yes I got in in 2011 just by chance, BTC, gold and silver, can't go wrong really


30 Jan 21

Hi Lisa, thanks for your message. I also have two dogs one was rescued from a hoarder, he recently turned 13. 🌺 How are you finding this site.


24 Jan 21

Hi How are you doing?


23 Jan 21

Hi Milly
I live in Redland Bay so very close and judging by your impressive profile I can see we have a lot in common. I can also see you have a busy shoot line but if you still want to reach out, I would love to hear from you.


12 Dec 20

Hi Milly, sound like we are on the same place in our lives.
I broke up with my ex about 2 years ago and realised most of my friends were 'our friends' so my social circle has slowly gotten smaller over time.
I also have a cat named Jax who is my main source of company lately and realise I need to get back into the real world, make some good friends and get out more.
I live on the north side in Albany Creek, what area are you in?


6 Jun 20

How are you doing?


10 May 20

Hello 😘


3 Apr 20

Once I get to know someone I tend to open up im 55 im originally from Vic


31 Mar 20

Hey I'm moving to Queensland in two weeks I'm looking for new friends


2 Feb 20

Hi I'd love to chat. I just sent you a message.


29 Jan 20

We are a great match for same same friendship if my silly post added all I wanted and I wrote you would see that . But it's late so I'm a little meh on making your phone beep right now . I hope I havnt woke you with the beep beep but you seem my type of people . I live in toowoomba but have family in brissy and not afraid to drive for real Mates . Anyway I just made my profile and I'm frustrated it's only kept main not the rest . I love alternative music and ball sports suck hahahah I like to say I support the camels or the zedbras hahaha keeps em guessing . I enjoy gym tho . Anyway out of all the peeps on here I say you seem lovely . Drop me a message sometime when your bored I've not tried this site before but as you can see from my user name I'm over all dating don't want a date just a mate . You seem awesome so I pick you lol anyways it's late I gotta snooze . Hope we can chat soon . Never really can tell who signed up years ago or who didn't . Well maybe you can but I'm new here and it's to late to investigate . Anyway if your real if your still on . You seem cool and very same same .


6 Jan 20



1 Jan 20



27 Dec 19

How do you spent your Christmas?

Yes I’m living here in sunshinecoast, beautiful place.


27 Dec 19

How are you and how’s your day been?


26 Dec 19

Hello how r you?


26 Dec 19

Merry Christmas 😘


26 Dec 19

Welcome to Companions, Milly04!

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