About me

Hey there, lost in wonderland, searching for like minded individuals to converse with and maybe even form a friendship!?

The paradox of a girly tomboy I generally hang out with boys but would really love to make a bunch of girlfriends so girls only please.

I'm super easy going, curious and adventurous and pretty much up for anything at any time of the day or night.

I'm more of a salt of the earth person, very genuine, love the outdoors, bit of a nerd/bookworm and tend to live in fantasy land 60% of the time :)

Instagram - molliemoon8
FB - Mollie Glaves

Things I like

The moon (astronomy), educating myself, music, clubs, pubs, festivals, night life, day life, camping, anything involving good food, movies, shopping.
Pretty much everything, main genres are rock, surf rock, alternative rock, metal, electronic, techno, deep house, drum and bass, hip hop, rnb, rap, gangsta rap
RHCP, Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, Violent Soho
Crystle Castles, Die Antwoord, MIA, Robin
Kendrick, Wu Tang, Immortal Technique
Certainly do, put it in front of me and I'll read it!
Studio Ghibli, Anime, Grindhouse, Neo Noir, Art House, Foreign, Alternative, Doco's.
Peep Show, The IT Crowd, Dexter, Buffy, Dark Angel, Angel
Yoga, Pilates, Pilates Reformer, walking, hiking, cartwheels, weights.

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Activity partner
Travel companion
Online chat
Between 18 and 99
Can live anywhere
Not specified


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Girls - Free Harley Davidson Cruise Rides - Touring Scenic Views.

Pascoe Vale | Melbourne.

Free Harley Davidson Rides, Cost you nothing. I Don't want or need Anything in return.

Hi, I'm Tommy.

Harley Davidson Rider - Looking for a Rebel Chic to go for a Cruise, Touring around Town and Along the Bay - Scenic Beach Views..

My Main passion is my Harley Davidson. Lots of Sparkling Chrome Work. I love Cruising around with someone to show them places along the Beach and around Town, a drink at a Bar or a game of Billiards.
A Daring Chic would enjoy a wild night Ride on my Thunder Blasting Outlaw Motorcycle.

If You Want to go for a Ride on a Harley Davidson to impress your Friends or Just something different for a fun ride, I am Happy to do so. Cost You Nothing and I don't won’t anything else in return. I just want use my Motorcycle, so it won’t get rusty standing idle in my Shed.

No Obligation. I'm a Friendly Gentle Natured Guy, but might look a bit Deadly with my Leather Jacket, Gloves and Boots on, Cruising around with my Rumbling Engine, Shaking Up the Town. Usually Sirens on parked alarmed cars go off when I drive past them in the Street.

The Harley Davidson is like a Magnet, When resting, it attracts crowds of people. Everybody wants be Cool around the Thunder Machine. Smiling and Chatting. Great way to make new friends.

It's an exciting Adrenaline Rush on the Rumbling Thunder Motorcycle.
A thrill of a lifetime, an experience you'll never forget.

I can travel any distance to meet you.


Contact me for a Free Ride on my Outlaw Thunder Blaster Motorbike.
You are Welcome to send me a Message.

If you are just Curious and want more information or for Any other Questions - Ask me.


4 Apr 18

Hey moonbabie


25 Sep 16

Hey! I'm looking for some friends, we seem to have similar interests


5 Sep 16

Hi I'm also looking for friends and we have similar interests would u like to meet up sometime?


24 Jun 16

Hi Moonbabie.


26 Mar 16

Hi u m looking for a frindship woman to go for a drive?


26 Feb 16

Omg. Weird. Let's meet up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. U sound like my kind lol..


12 Dec 15

Hi how r u doing


7 Dec 15

Welcome to Companions, Moonbabie!

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