About me

Life is so depressive sometimes and feels like give up so thought to make friends to keep myself lively
Preferably women who are happy to make online friends are welcome
I’m not being rude by stating I prefer to chat with people who displays their identity.( yes those with profile pic ) I feel safe if I know whom I’m chatting to ☺️
Well I’m married and has two gifts from god and I’m thankful to god for the same and for my family.

Be kind to all
We dnt know what other person is going through 🙏
Dnt stay mad with anyone for long time , we never know what tomorrow is going to be. So forgive and love everyone with ur whole heart
People are not remembered for the beauty in look , walk or talk but for the way they care , love and consider others .
If people were kind to each other everyplace under the sky might be the most beautiful place to live in ❤️Hoping for those beautiful days to come ❤️

Things I like

Love having long conversations, watching movies with popcorn, walking along the beach with coffee and hot pie,😋
Shea cheap thrills
I'm lazy reader
Love to watch all types of movies except horror 🙈😬I can’t sleep later 🙊
I love eating 😋 doesn't matter either street food or restaurants, if it's yummy in my tummy I'm happy for trials. But again scared of Chinese dishes 🙈🦂🐜🐌🐊🐕🐀🐍🐛🐞🙈
Lazy for physical fitness 👎can do dieting but can’t work out lol 😹love to watch Cricket and football 😻love to do adventures which is not scary lol

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Online chat
Male or female
Between 18 and 99
Can live anywhere
Good friends to share every lil things 🙂
I can’t promise anyone that I can solve ur problems or pain but trust me if u are my good friend , I’ll be there for u to face the situation together with you ,
I can be there on the other end to hear u , a shoulder to cry on , lent u my hands to hold tightly to make u feel better


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28 Oct

Hi simms how are you doing, its an interesting profile. I love to chat with different cultures and beliefs. If you are interested message me. Have a great day 😊 dear


14 Oct

Hi Simms. Great profile. I hope you and the babe are going great guns. Do you have an opinion on how troubled the world is now? ed


13 Oct

Hi, im in isolation at the moment, 8 more days to go. So boring so I set up this so I may meet real people. No pressure. Mentally draining stuck in a room. Hope to hear from you.


10 Oct

Hi there! would you like to chat with me? I am updating my profile pic soon!
Hello. How are you?


4 Oct

Hi how's it going?


28 Sep

Hi there - care to chat to a fellow Tasmanian?
Welcome to Companions, Simms!

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Western Region, TAS
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2 months ago
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4 weeks ago
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