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Hi there

Fun loving 59 year old lady. I am widowed with two grown up daughters, and am grandma to a gorgeous little 4 year old.

I like fun and intelligent conversation with respectful, fun and intelligent people.

Feel free to say hi.. we can't all click but hopeful to make a few connections with like minded people.


Things I like

adventure, dancing, snorkeling, kayaking, reading, crocheting, theater, creative writing.
eclectic taste in music
human interest. stories with a strong 'hook'.
lots of different things.. too much to list.
love vietnamese, thai and japanese cuisine particularly.
I walk daily for fitness.

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Online chat
Male or female
Between 18 and 99
Can live anywhere
Interesting people.. not the same as me but someone(s) I click with, can have a laugh with and who can teach me new things.


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30 Mar

Hi Debbie.. it is intense times for sure. People are cracking already .. my poor housemate, is a manager and copped it from one of his staff members today. We do need to be especially kind and compassionate and see beyond the sometimes poor behaviour of individuals.. people act out in all sorts of ways when they feel fearful and threatened.

I have two daughters.. my eldest, is immuno compromised due to medications she takes for ulcerative colitis. She is a love.. she is eligible for delivery of her groceries via Woolworths and has invited me to order with her.. looking after her old mum. My other, I am sadly estranged from. She has a daughter but, we rarely hear from her. I have tried to enquire as to how she is going but she ignores my messages.

My husband died back in 2013 from motor neuron disease and my parents in the the subsequent two years after his death. I'm glad none of them are here to witness and experience these current times. I feel for those with elderly parents and or sick partners, or close family members.

I am still working (community health) but, as a casual, have had a significant loss in hours. Still.. better off then many so.. very grateful.

It was lovely to get your reply and I hope we get to chat some more. Take care of yourself and your loved ones..


Hello Aly, Crazy times alright. We all need to look after each other, be kind and careful. I am a little stir crazy. I have been told to stay home from work for 4 weeks. I hope you and yours are well :)


26 Mar

Aly btw.. lol


26 Mar

Hi Jim

It's been hot over here.. 37 today I believe..however, a cooler change tomorrow.. so yay for that. The virus has had it's impact yes. For a start, I'm a casual worker in community health and as clients cancel services my work hours have dwindled down to almost nothing. The other thing is my own fears. I'm not sure I really want to be out and about working. I have an investment property so I am hoping like hell the banks will give us a holiday on repayments... and that my tenants continue to be able to pay.. if not.. well.. who knows. All very up in the air at the moment.


24 Mar

Hi Alk?, thanks for the shout, it was a pleasant surprise, it has been overcast and cooler here the past couple of days, so some relief from the hot days that we have had, hope the virus not affecting you too much?
Welcome to Companions, alk061!

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