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humourous tertiary level education, pragmatic , realistic. historically aware, musical, I play piano and horn. I have a young daughter. no wife..

Things I like

pre 1930's music, classical all sorts, movies ( SBS Movies are intersting) not into horror or violence.:love reading ( biographes and histories, the weekend Australian. economist, guardain, , enjoy fixing broken things like electrical machines,and writing, rhymes and shakespeare, Goon show, would i lie to you and michael mcintrye comedy.
Elgar, schubert, etc. Standard three cord charts bore me to tears as do many guitar players, Gershwinn is fascsinating (rhythm!), teddy willson amazing, and al bowlie has lovely voice, MSO is great, and the werfoganu weslh church st david day a hoot .

TO many to mention.It the best hobby anyone can have.
the man who knew infinity.......game of thrones... kind hearts and coronets. . bringing up baby,,,
Astaire.... art Tatum playing , great expectations,,,
brides head revisited. Howards end, Liam Neilson.,
Thai food. Hot chillis and rice. Merlot from Welshmans reef winery. wow. !
No adrenalin rush for me with this. A nice bike ride is all i need

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Activity partner
Online chat
Male or female
Between 18 and 99
Can live anywhere
I have no idea! It might just happen. Life is like quantum mechanics.the uncertainty principle...


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1 Jun

hi too.... It was in Hobart and in the winter months... I visited Launceston also and stayed at the grand chancellor there.. very impressive with great food and lovely rooms. .. didn't much like its sister one in Hobart though...
I rarely come here. Was quite pleased to have a reply actually. Obviously I'm unfamiliar with the nuances of this site. but I guess my writing here is now public domain...


1 Jun

Hi there :) oh yes Tassie here is quite a cold place however with a couple of the heat waves we've experienced in the past it has gotten quite hot and muggy. I can't say I'm familiar with the dark festival :/


16 Jan

I like some movies on SBS but often don't have anyone to debrief with about them. I rarely watch the more commerical channels. I'm also very fond of 'Would I Lie to You' and have developed an appreciation for Bach, although i don't listen to him often enough. Biographies are very interesting; I love reading and hearing about people, the more unusual the better, usually. I've also learned to take Christianity seriously, but I'm a reincarnationist and don't attend a local church.
Welcome to Companions, nopple!

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