About me

I'm a 58 year old transgender male, living in a tiny town which kind of limits my social life. I do go to craft groups, and I'm the only male member of the local Embroiderers Guild, which is heaps of fun. I love all crafts, lots of music, and I love to just sit down and talk to people. To me, talking is mandatory in getting to know people. I live alone except for a cat called Casper, and he's not big on conversation, so I need people to talk to. I love to go and meet someone for coffee and end up with a second cuppa because we got so involved in talking that the time just flew.

I am a proud parent to one amazing daughter and Poppy to her 4 beautiful kids, who I love very much and go and stay down in Melbourne with them regularly. I enjoy spending time with all kinds of people of all age groups, so very open to people who have kids and/or grandkids. I'm not just looking for a romantic interest, I would love to make friends with people, so if all you are looking for is a good friend, I might be one. I am a smoker, and i don't see that changing any more, so if you really can't stand being around a smoker, then I might not be the person for you.

Things I like

Art, crafts (most), reading, playing and listening to music, talking
country, 50's 60's 70's some 80's
Almost anything exfcept romance novels. Love Sci fi and fantasy, dystopian fiction, detective, biographies
Star Trek, Criminal Minds, CSI (all),Numbers,
I'm not a big eater but I eat most things. Won't eat anything I dissected in science class (liver, kidney, brains etc)
Not a fan, but enjoy watching the equestrian events at the Olympics

What I'm looking for

Looking for:
Activity partner
Online chat
Male or female
Between 45 and 99
Can live anywhere
Friendship, other crafters to share ideas with, someone to go and have a coffee or lunch with, chat on FB, if anything else happens that's great, if njot, friendship is more important anyway.


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19 Dec 17

Hi good on you for being honest upfront putting yourself out there (on here) I am bi but usually hang back a bit till i think its ok also for being into craft I used to crochet but too hot here i have just collected a pile of items baubles beads and 101 other bits and pieces to do craft cheers


26 Sep 17

Welcome to Companions, simonbear7!

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